Apideck offers native SDKs in several popular programming languages. Choose one language below to see our API Reference in your application’s language.

Command Line
composer require apideck-libraries/php-sdk

Getting started

The module supports all Apideck API endpoints. For complete information about the API, head to the docs. All endpoints require a valid apiKey so that's the only required parameter to initialize a new Apideck client


use Apideck\Client\Apideck;
use Apideck\Client\ApideckConfiguration;

$config = new ApideckConfiguration('<insert-api-key-here>', '<insert-application-id-here>', '<insert-consumer-id-here>');
$apideck = new Apideck($config);

$response = $apideck->getCrmApi()->contactsAll(false, null, null, null, null, 1);