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App store listing requirements

An overview of the required guidelines to publish your app inside third-party app stores.

More information about the data points we're tracking of the app stores listed below:

  • Verification: Getting your app and integration listed requires you to complete a verification process.
  • # Customers: Shows the number of customers you can reach by being listed in their ecosystem.
  • Developer Account: Developer accounts available to register an app.
  • Sandbox: Sandbox accounts offered to test applications and integrations.
  • API Profile: A link to the API profile on API Tracker.
  • Fund: Some ecosystems offer a developer fund to build integrations and apps on top of their APIs.
# customersVerificationFundDeveloper accountSandboxAPI profile
ActN/ADeveloper accountAct API
ActiveCampaign150000N/A$2mDeveloper accountActiveCampaign API
AFAS SoftwareN/ADeveloper accountAFAS Software API
AirbyteN/AAirbyte API
AirtableN/AAirtable API
AlchemyN/AundisclosedAlchemy API
Amplitude1200N/AAmplitude API
Apollo16000N/AApollo API
Appical350N/AAppical API
Box100000N/ABox API
Calendly20000000N/ACalendly API
Carta15000N/ACarta API
Cash AppN/ACash App API
Cegid Talentsoft2200N/ACegid Talentsoft API
ClickUp800000N/AClickUp API
ClipchampN/AClipchamp API
Cloudinary9000N/ACloudinary API
CloverNoDeveloper accountSandbox docsClover API
CoinbaseN/ACoinbase API
Copper12000N/ADeveloper accountCopper API
Crypto.comN/A$500mCrypto.com API
Cumul.io200N/ACumul.io API
Current4000000N/ACurrent API
Deel2400N/ADeel API
DeputyNoDeveloper accountDeputy API
DigitalOcean40000000NoDigitalOcean API
Dropbox15480000N/ADropbox API
Five9N/AFive9 API
Flatfile500N/AFlatfile API
Gong2000N/AGong API
Google DriveN/AGoogle Drive API
Greenhouse4000N/AGreenhouse API
Gusto200000N/AGusto API
Hibob2000N/ADeveloper accountHibob API
HubSpot100000No$100mDeveloper accountHubSpot API
Invoice2Go225000N/AInvoice2Go API
Ivanti45000N/AIvanti API
JiraNoDeveloper accountJira API
KareoN/AKareo API
Deel2400N/ADeel API
LightspeedN/ALightspeed API
Loket.nlN/ADeveloper accountLoket.nl API
Loom200000N/ALoom API
Lucca4400N/ALucca API
MailChimp12000000NoMailChimp API
MambuN/AMambu API
Marketo5000N/ADeveloper accountMarketo API
MessageBird25000N/AMessageBird API
Microsoft Dynamics CRM40000NoMicrosoft Dynamics CRM API
MicrosoftN/AFundMicrosoft API
Moneybird2000000N/AMoneybird API
MYOB1200000NoDeveloper accountMYOB API
Namely1300N/ANamely API
NetSuiteNoDeveloper accountNetSuite API
OfficientNoDeveloper accountOfficient API
OktaN/A$50MOkta API
OmnisendN/AOmnisend API
OpenAIN/A$100mOpenAI API
PagerDuty13000N/APagerDuty API
PayFit7500N/APayFit API
Personio4000N/APersonio API
Pipedrive95000YesDeveloper accountPipedrive API
Pleo17000N/APleo API
PostmanN/APostman API
Procore8500NoDeveloper accountProcore API
QuickBooks2000000NoDeveloper accountQuickBooks API
RD Station35000N/ARD Station API
ReadMe4000N/AReadMe API
RecruiteeN/ADeveloper accountRecruitee API
Red HatN/ARed Hat API
Redtail TechnologyN/ADeveloper accountRedtail Technology API
RemoteN/ARemote API
RipplingNoDeveloper accountRippling API
Sage IntacctN/ADeveloper accountSage Intacct API
Sage6100000N/ADeveloper accountSage API
Salesforce150000NoDeveloper accountSalesforce API
Samsara13000N/ASamsara API
SAP SuccessFactors6850N/ADeveloper accountSAP SuccessFactors API
Shift4 Payments200000N/ADeveloper accountShift4 Payments API
Shogun18000N/AShogun API
Shopify1700000NoDeveloper accountShopify API
Slack156000YesSlack API
SmartRecruitersN/ADeveloper accountSmartRecruiters API
Snowflake5400N/AundisclosedSnowflake API
Splunk21500N/ASplunk API
Sqreen800N/ASqreen API
SquareN/ASquare API
Stack OverflowN/AStack Overflow API
Stripe Atlas20000N/AStripe Atlas API
Teamleader12000No€1MDeveloper accountTeamleader API
tide.40000N/Atide. API
Toast40000NoDeveloper accountToast API
Trengo20000N/ATrengo API
TriNet23000N/ATriNet API
Twilio221000N/A$50mTwilio API
TwitchN/ATwitch API
TymeBank3000000N/ATymeBank API
Typeform1000000NoDeveloper accountTypeform API
VenafiN/A$12.5mVenafi API
VercelN/AVercel API
VismaN/AVisma API
Visual Studio Code2000000N/AVisual Studio Code API
Wix 4200000N/AFundWix API
Workday9000N/A$250mDeveloper accountWorkday API
Xero3300000NoXero API
ZapierN/AZapier API
Zendesk SellNoDeveloper accountZendesk Sell API
Zendesk170000NoDeveloper accountZendesk API
Zoho CRM150000YesDeveloper accountZoho CRM API
Zoom250000N/A$100mZoom API
AircallNoAircall API
Cisco Webex Meetings38000N/ACisco Webex Meetings API
Respond.io55000N/ARespond.io API
Mollie120000No€1mMollie API
Atlassian180000N/A$50mAtlassian API
bexio50000Nobexio API
ClioN/A$1mDeveloper accountClio API
Freshworks CRMN/AFreshworks CRM API
SalesflareN/ASalesflare API
Close.ioN/AClose.io API