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How to create an OAuth app in NetSuite

Before you get started, make sure you apply for the SuiteCloud Developer Network.

The SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) is a dedicated, end-to-end program geared toward developers who build specialized and complimentary solutions to extend the NetSuite platform.


  1. Log in to your NetSuite account using the credentials which has access to Administrator role.
  1. Change your role to Administrator.
  1. Navigate to Setup > Integration > Manage Integrations > New
  1. Enter the details as required:
  • Name: Name of the OAuth 2.0 Client.
  • State: Set as Enabled.
  • Description: (Optional) Description of the client.
  • Auth 2.0:
    • Authorization Code Grant: Set this value to true.
    • Rest Web Services: Set this value to true.
    • Redirect URI: Enter the following callback URL: https://unify.apideck.com/vault/callback.
  1. After entering the details, click Save.
  1. Copy the Consumer Key or Client ID and Consumer Secret or Client Secret.

More information: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/netsuite/ns-online-help/section_162686838198.html